Bev McCann Signs Agreement With AG Publicity

 bevonporch2Nashville, TN (February 18, 2013) Multi-talented singer/songwriter/women’s speaker Bev McCann has signed an extensive publicity agreement with AG Publicity.

Deon Unthank of AG Publicity commented, “Bev has been a friend for a long time, and I have watched her grow in her talents and status in Gospel Music. I feel she has a lot to offer with her various ministries and she has the ambition to go forward with what God has called her to do.”

Bev McCann not only writes prolific songs, but also sings and records them. She works for Godsey and Associates as the A&R Director where she helps other artists go farther in their careers. On top of all this, she ministers to women at churches and convention centers all across the country.

McCann stated, “I love doing everything I do in Gospel Music, but for a long time my heart has been driven to minister to women. Thousands of women are touched by the cares of life and they try to bare those burdens alone. They are struggling through divorce, the loss of a husband or child, and sometimes working through taking care of aged parents. God has called me to minister to these women with the understanding that only another woman could have.”

In addition to all this, Bev McCann owns and operates candy company. You can order some very delicious candy from her.

Bev can be reached to minister at your church or concert at . Her new and improved website will be available soon. You can also reach her at .