Beyond The Song- The Pylant Family

By: Jantina Baksteen

For this edition I got in touch with Brandon Pylant of the Pylant family sharing the family ministry who are no strangers in Gospel music. I hope you enjoy reading through this interview about how the message they share still continue to be a blessing. 



You are a singing family from Alabama could you please introduce your family to the readers?


Hey there, yes I’m Brandon Pylant, my wife, Melina Pylant, Her sister, Elisha Terry and mine and Melina’s children Aaron Pylant and Bethany Pylant



Could you give us some background singing Gospel music?


Melina and I were brought up singing in church. Elisha was the most shy of us three so she began singing a little later, more into her 20’s. But Melina and I were on the church stage at the age of 3 and 4. My family was on the road singing for over 40 years so I was always in church it seemed. They were called “The Jackson Family”. Melina and Elisha’s parents also traveled with gospel groups when they were younger. So we are all carrying on a great family tradition.



You have a great project out called ‘Nothing Impossible’ please share us how this project came together?


Well we wanted a project that reflected some of our favorite, current songs but also mix in an original and a couple of songs to feature Aaron on. Since we’ve been singing as a group for 13 years now, we have many favorite songs so it was hard to make our picks because they all have such great meanings to us. This project derived from Luke 1:37 which is such a big encouragement to us.


The title of this project somehow tells me there is a testimony behind it could you share it with us?


We’ll have to give the credit for the title to Elisha. We sat for days racking our brains trying to figure out a title to our project. She looked up like a little light just came on and said “What about Nothing Impossible?” There was no question, that was it! We are just amazed at how far God has allowed us to minister. But we know that physically, we could never go to all the places our music goes. It’s a great blessing to know this music is reaching people we may never meet but that can be touched by the Lord no matter where they are!

And of course the title of this project also ties in with the fact that Aaron, mine and Melina’s son, is a walking miracle. He sings two songs by himself. Aaron was diagnosed with autism and an expressive/receptive language disorder at the age of 6. We were actually told to take him home and make him comfortable because he would probably never be able to do much of anything. See back in 2006 they didn’t know as much about ASD as they do now. We as new parents definitely didn’t know anything about it. We went home from that medical specialist’s clinic defeated and broken hearted. When a team of medical professionals gives you news like that, it’s tough to see the light at the end of the tunnel. BUT GOD. We went home and fell on our faces and prayed for a mighty touch, a miracle from God. Aaron began to progress, learn, say his first words, make eye contact and show affection. It was a supernatural touch from the Lord that’s for sure! We tend to doubt God when things seem impossible but we are sharing the gospel of things we’ve witnessed and know this project’s name is true. Nothing is impossible!



I know some of your songs are written by your grandfather Charles Jackson can you share some of his rich history in Gospel music?


He started in country music in the 50’s and then went back to his roots in gospel music. He & my grandmother Josephine had 4 children, which includes my late mother Lagatha Jackson Pylant, and they all learned to play instruments and sing. He began writing songs & pretty soon opened up his own recording studio on his own property, while traveling and singing all over Southeastern US area. Hundreds of local groups came over the span of 50 years to record their projects at his study. He passed in 2012 leaving a great legacy behind.



Your current song ‘He’ll Understand’ is one of your grandfather’s hand, could you share the message of this song? Do you remember the story why your grandfather wrote this song?


The message of ‘He’ll Understand” is a simple one. It portrays the fact that God hears, cares & knows all that you are facing in your life. In the midst of it, God will provide his grace & love to all that will call upon him. We must admit who we are and then trust in who Jesus is!


I think he wrote it as a message to everyone of us that God will take anybody, anywhere, at anytime and embrace them with unconditional love.



How is it to travel with your family and share the gospel to the crowd you meet? How is the response of the crowd?


I’ve traveled with groups before this and I can tell you there is nothing like traveling with family. There is a bond like no other to know that you are traveling with the closest and dearest people in your life and connecting with people together. We get back on the road after an event and it’s non-stop talk of our experience there, who we spoke with, who shared their testimony with us, etc. We are constantly sharing with one another. Now I’m not saying there isn’t a disagreement once in a while. Mostly those come when it’s time to decide where to eat after an event! But we are family and when you have two sisters and then two children mixed into the traveling, we all have to practice patience for sure. It’s great knowing we are family on stage, in the vehicle going home and when we get home. There is no fronts. No trying to out-do one another. No animosity between members. We know who we are and that no matter what we’re family. God has put us together as this group you see for a reason and we want to fulfill that to the best of our ability. We’ve sang to many different groups of people. I can say that once we introduce Aaron and give his testimony, crowds tend to soften more to the spirit, in our experience. Anyone can get in front of you and sing but when you hear the miracle, first hand, that God has performed in Aaron’s life, it’s like “wait a minute…this child couldn’t talk until age 6 and now he’s singing full songs without words in front of him?!” We’ve had so many people over the years come up to us after an event and say “y’all touched my heart with Aaron’s testimony” or “please pray for my son, daughter, grandchildren, nephew, (etc) they are also autistic and struggling. Your testimony about Aaron has given me hope”.

Hope. That’s one thing we love spreading! Thank you Jesus!



What is ahead for the Pylant Family? Do you have event or revivals scheduled for 2021?


The doors that God is open is astonishing! We are doing concerts, homecomings, revivals, private events, crusades, conferences & whatever else we can involve ourselves in. Our schedule is currently updated on our website. (



Have you been able to travel while the pandemic hit the country in fact the whole world?


We were able to keep a few of our scheduled events, but most, like every other gospel group we know, were canceled in 2020. However, we had much success with online events though and credit those with some of our newer bookings we have this year. Where there’s a will, there’s a way and we knew even if we couldn’t go into the churches or venues, we had to keep spreading the good news anyway we could. God has opened up doors we never thought possible. He’s a good, good God.



What’s the best way to reach out to you?


Right now the easiest way is to message us conveniently on our Facebook page inbox (@thepylantfamily) or message us through our website What’s the best way to reach out to you?

What’s the best way to reach you*Right now the easiest way is to message us conveniently on our Facebook page inbox (@thepylantfamily) or message us through our website ( Also you can email us at or call 256-339-0665.



Is there a final word you like to say that could help folks that don’t have hope and desperate looking for a solution?


Trust God at his word period. Proverbs 3:5,6 reminds us to put our faith in him & not “unto thine own understanding” and then “he shall direct thy paths.” His way is best…His plans are perfect…His direction is straight!


And everyday we are reminded of God’s faithfulness as we see how He uses our son Aaron in His service. So let me repeat the last words from Proverbs. His plans are perfect, His direction is straight. 


 He’ll Understand


Thank you Brandon for sharing the wonderful work you and your family does to glorify God through song. I  believe the seeds you sew won’t return empty.