“Beyond the Song”- Tribute Quartet

By Jantina Baksteen

At first it was the fine piano playing of Josh Singletary that caught my attention. And now, it’s the SGN Scoops # 1 song on the charts for the month of May. Gary Casto was so gracious to join me once again for an interview for beyond the song.

Tribute Qt is a dynamic group with it’s own unique sound.  Gary could you take us back a little how Tribute Qt was born specially for those who are new to loving this style of music?

Josh Singletary and I were with a family group by the name of, The Wilburns. When they retired, they “passed the mantle” to the both of us. We created Tribute Quartet and performed our first concert December 31, 2006.

You recently had some changes in the lineup. Could you share how God provided the right guys who are no strangers in Gospel music world to join the group when Riley Harrison Clark and Anthony Davis were called to step down and started a new season in their lives?

Well, to be honest, I would be lying if I told you I knew what God was doing and how he provided. All I know is that God has always provided the right people at the right time. We’re forever grateful to God for being faithful to us and to this ministry.

Let’s focus on the current radio release ‘I Call It Home’ how did this song get to you?

Jim Brady contacted me about performing a song for a concert tributing Squire Parsons. This concert would also be a DVD recording (that will be available later this year).

Jim requested that we sing the Squire Parsons classic, “I Call It Home.” Josh was quick to jump on it, due to the fact that it held a lot of nostalgia for him, and created the arrangement. We rehearsed it a few times and performed it for the first time at the taping.

It’s on the Volume Two album. Have you been back to the studio to track Ian Owens bass vocals on that song?

We have. As a matter of fact, we went ahead and placed his vocal on the entire album.

What a fantastic song starting off with amazing piano arrangement from Josh Singletary? Please share the message?

Well, the message is simple. Home means a lot of things for a lot of people. To us, as children of God, know that where we’re ultimately headed is “home.” It doesn’t matter what it’s called – heaven, paradise, dreaming – it’s still home.

It’s a #1 already, but more important how is it to sing about our future home? What does it mean to you personally to sing about that home?

It means relief from the worries of this life. It means that I get to worship, face to face, the one I worship and sing about, here. It’s a “grand” thought to be in Heaven but, it’s just going to be home.

You must have talked many times about that eternal home to the crowd. How is it to experience when folks feel the touch of the Lord to make the greatest decision they good ever make in your presence at your booth?

There is no greater joy than to be born again into the family of God. As the family of God, there is no greater joy than to learn and witness someone being born into the family of God. Their “home” becomes redefined and that is amazing to watch.

Of course we want to hear a funny road story could you share us 1 or 2?

We were in Dawsonville, Georgia. We were actually performing, “I Call It Home.” In the middle of the song, we noticed 2 year old Marlee got loose. Mom started chasing her all over the sanctuary. In the pivotal part of the song, where Josh sings, “…I call it home…,” Marleedecides she’s gonna join us on stage. Mom yanked her from the platform and immediately exited out the back. As they exited, Josh speaks into the microphone, “aaaandthere they go now.” Then finished the song.

What is in the making for Tribute Qt?

We’re actually working on a few things. Currently, we’re wrapping up an album of some of Tribute’s most requested songs.

This fall, we’ll be starting the process for a new national record.

How can we reach out to you to learn more about Tribute or find your touring schedule to be part if one?

The simple answer is this: ANYTHING you want to know about Tribute, just search “Tribute Quartet.”

However, you can simply go to tributequartet.com and find it all there, too.

Is there a final message you like to share to wrap up this interview?

God knows who you are and loves you. You are not forgotten.

Watch Video “I Call It Home” HERE

Thank you Gary Casto and the Tribute guys for sharing your ministry to the SGNScoops. May God bless your ministry in a mighty big way that only God can do.