Big News From The Jordan Family Band

Hey friends,
This is one of the toughest things we’ve ever had to do, but it’s something the entire family has spent much time talking, searching our hearts over, and praying about.
Effective immediately, the Jordan Family Band will suspend all traveling for the foreseeable future.
There is no easy to way to announce this, but it is not a hasty decision, and thankfully we are in unity with our decision. We know ALL things work together for good to them that love God. Rom 8:28
In light of the current state of the economy, the extreme elevated cost of living, much less traveling, we have all had to focus on our every day, full time jobs in order to provide for our families. As with many other artists, the pandemic put a massive strain on our ministry, and with 100’s of cancelations, we had to focus on work back home.
The truth is, we have used money from our personal savings now for many months just to keep the family on the road. Again, God is so good to us and has taken care of us.
Understand this….we are not going away!
We are in our studio now recording NEW music! We will be releasing songs, music videos, AND doing more live music from HOME on our social media platforms! We LOVE this music, and this ministry, and we are still delivering it, just in a different format.
Promoters, pastors, music ministers, those who have booked us past and present, ‘thank you’ for every opportunity. We will continually pray for our nation, the church, and for God’s people during these difficult times.
With much appreciation,

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