A Big Surprise for Hope’s Journey

With God…. All Things are Possible……

Last week, you may have seen a post by Vonda Easley stating that With God All Things are Possible. Today this became a reality to Vonda Easley and Hope’s Journey.

The group has been traveling in Vonda’s SUV and pulling a trailer. She told us that the miles were racking up on the SUV which is also her personal vehicle.  Vonda stated that last night before bed, she prayed for God to send  something else.  “I’m sure some people think I’m crazy, but this is exactly what happened, Vonda states. I woke up this morning with a phone call about a Silver Eagle that was mine if I wanted it. The purchase price was unbelievable and I know God sent this bus. It is a 1983 Silver Eagle to most, but to us, its a Brand New Prevost. We are honored and eternally grateful.”

The church had used the bus for youth trips and took their Seniors out to eat in it occasionally.

Congratulations Vonda and Hope’s Journey! We at SGN Scoops are excited for you guys.

Hope’s Journey