Brian and Angela Monehan Release “Miracle Everyday” Concept Video

Brian and Angela have pastored several churches over the past 13 years and share the story behind the writing of the song, “In 2003 a couple in our congregation had their first child, a little boy, Judah Guntharp. Just after he was born the doctor said mother and baby were healthy. Then just a short time later we received a call from the grandmother asking the church to pray. The doctors had discovered that Judah’s heart was not fully developed, actually he was wired somewhat backwards. The doctors gave little hope that he would make it out of the hospital. The church continued to pray and several weeks later we experienced the joy of Judah coming to church with his parents. Judah did live to make it out of the hospital but passed away just before his 4th birthday. While some may say that in the end the doctor was right, we know that God allowed this little boy to lived beyond the minutes of life span he was given by doctors at the time of his birth; to having a few years with his family. He astounded doctors with his development. We saw that Judah’s life on this earth was a ‘Miracle Everyday.’ Such it is with life, with creation around us and when we see a soul come to know Christ we see a ‘Miracle Everyday’.”
Nashville Country Revival airs weekly on DAYSTAR Television, The Nashville Network and many other networks. Check local listings for air times or for specific air dates for the debut of “Miracle Everyday”.
Brian toured for several years with Kevin Spencer and Angela with the Perry Sisters before their marriage and following their call into the ministry. For more information regarding Brian and Angela Monehan visit their website
A preview of the “Miracle Everyday” video can be viewed via YouTube at: