Browders Win Big At AGM Awards

browdersawardNashville, TN (April 15, 2013) The phenomenal Gospel singing family group, The Browders, have added a new title to their resume. They can officially be called “Award Winning”. On Tuesday, April 9th, the Browders won their first award for the excellence in their work.


Sonya Browder said “What an exciting night to mix and mingle with the very best in Gospel Music, and what a blessing to win an award that night.” She was speaking of the 12th Annual Absolutely Gospel Music Awards where they won the Breakthrough Artist of the Year.

“I am so proud of my family”, said Tommy Browder, patriarch of the group, “These kids have taken the ministry I started and achieved success beyond my dreams. The good part is that they have let me tag along with them.”


Matthew Browder stated “We really try to give God the best we have to offer, after all, this thing that we do called Gospel Music is all about Him.” Matthew continued, “We were totally shocked when they called our name as winning for Breakthrough Artist, but wow, what a feeling to think that our peers have considered us worthy of such a prestigious Award.”


The Browders sing a wonderful mixture of styles and songs, many of them written themselves. The Breakthrough Artist Award puts them on another rung higher on the ladder they are climbing to reach their ultimate goal of reaching more people with the Good News of the Gospel of Christ.


David Browder said “We were honored just to sing on the program with such dynamic groups, but to actually win the Breakthrough Artist Award just put us on Cloud Nine. Thank you to our Dad for the opportunity to do what we are called to do, thank you to the fans who voted for us, and thank you to our Heavenly Father who has blessed us beyond measure.”


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