Caleb Bailey Demonstrates A True Act of Heroism


From Pastor Bill Bailey:

My son is a hero again. Caleb was driving us home from Mobile, about halfway between Gainesville and Ocala. Just after 5am, an 18 wheeler hit a guard rail and flipped in the median. It immediately burst into flames. I was asleep in my bunk. Caleb stopped and ran to the scene, to find the driver trapped inside, and the cab filling with smoke. I was able to get another trucker to stop. Between his hammer and Caleb’s foot, they were able to break the glass and pull him out. This was all happening while the truck was exploding. The image of that bloodied man, screaming and trapped inside his cab with the truck in flames, will be one not soon forgotten. Just moments after Caleb pulled him out, the truck cab became engulfed in flames. Although traffic was very light and we were in a desolate area, I was shocked at the people that just drove by. If Caleb had kept driving, that man would be dead. But because of God’s mercy and Caleb’s heroism, that man has a second chance in life, and will return home to his loved ones. Proud of you son! God used you today. Luke 10:25-37