Changes For Paul’s Journey

Pauls Journey Stan Watson
Pauls Journey Stan Watson

Change is something that we all go through in life and it comes and goes whether we like it or not. Sometimes it’s bad and sometime it’s good. In the last 37 plus years of ministry we have gone through changes many times, and through it all God has always and will always be in control.
Having said this, we are also announcing the departure of our tenor singer Stan Watson. Stan has been a part of our group for about two and half years now. Rod says: “we’ll miss Stan the Man for sure! He’s a great singer and stage man, but even more than that, he’s a great friend! I don’t know if I’ve ever known anyone with such a big heart as Stan”. It’s been hard on him and his family these last couple of years with Stan living in Missouri and the group based out of Texas. We appreciate his and their sacrifice and devotion these last couple of years. Stan will be joining another singing ministry on June 1 and we’ll let them make that announcement in their own time. This is definitely the right move for Stan and his family. We will miss them very much and are praying for their future as well.
Joe Kitson’s brother Kurtis Kitson will be filling in the tenor position for a while. Kurtis is a very talented young man so Paul’s Journey will not miss a beat.
We are now accepting applications for the next full time tenor position for our group. If you are interested please send resume, picture, and demo to or call our office at 936-273-3074.