by Suzanne Mason

Do you believe that God still speaks prophetically? Do miracles still happen? Maybe you don’t think so. Perhaps you believe the miraculous wonders of God are only Old Testament events. If so, you need a vitalizing shot of faith, and CHRIST IN YOU: THE VOICE is just the documentary to give it to you!

Created by a group of Swiss millennials, CHRIST IN YOU: THE VOICE explores how ordinary believers, committed to speaking prophetic words from God, follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and change the lives of strangers. With open hearts, courageous spirits, prayerful guidance, and God’s love leading them, the prophecy-speaking individuals in this film are part of a growing community of believers throughout Europe pursuing the gifts of the Holy Spirit and helping others encounter God’s love and healing. You can watch how prophecy is used to bless others, how powerfully God still moves, and how the film demystifies this often unused gift of the Spirit.

When I spoke with Andrea di Meglio, one of the filmmakers and prophetic speakers highlighted in the documentary, I asked him if Europe is as secular as public opinion has led us to believe and if he’s seeing a rise in Christianity there. “I’m not listening to people who say it’s hard to reach. It’s not what Jesus would think,” he stated. “Jesus says the harvest is ripe. We should pray that the Lord will send out more workers. People are willing to receive prayer.”

While some may doubt the harvest, di Meglio has seen it for himself. Over the past ten to twelve years, he explained how he’s watched the average number of strangers accepting his offer of prayer go from about 30% to 80%! “It’s the Father’s joy to give us the kingdom of God,” he enthused.

Speaking prophecy sounds good, but I can’t say it’s ever been a gift of the Spirit I’d have considered. di Meglio assured me it’s not as scary as one might think. “Prophecy is having a relationship with God. It’s an Old Testament gift and a New Testament grace. It’s very relational. What kind of relationship would it be if we only pray to God and don’t expect Him to talk back? It wouldn’t be a healthy relationship.”

He went on to explain that many people believe prophecy is reserved for a few special individuals and are likely afraid there’s no grace when there’s a prophetic mistake (a few of which are even shown in the film). “We need God’s grace just like every other gift [receives it].” And he’s not wrong: if someone mis-teaches something, we understand there’s a learning curve. If there’s a stumble in a preacher’s sermon, we can overlook it or discuss it with them. But a prophetic mistake? The phrase alone almost sounds sacrilegious. But as someone says in the film, ‘Grace is the operational power of God.’”

di Meglio continues, “The church has presented the gift of prophecy in a way that God never wanted it to be. Jesus said that ‘man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God’ [Matthew 4:4]. I cannot afford to live by what God said last year or last month.”

And that’s what you can watch firsthand in CHRIST IN YOU: THE VOICE. di Melgio and others, with a prompting from the Spirit, approach people they’ve never met, speak of things only God could possibly know, and help them accept forgiveness, healing, peace, power, and salvation. I got chills watching parts of this film, and I recommend it to anyone wanting to see that God still moves powerfully and prophetically.

I asked di Meglio what he wants people to take away from watching this film. “I want people to have a passion to grow in their friendship and intimacy with the Lord,” he stated. “I want this to be fun. It’s supposed to be fun! It’s the Father’s joy to give us the kingdom of God.”

And though I can tell di Meglio is having fun, he’s also incredibly passionate about the Lord, His moving, and his relationship with the Father. “Prophecy is seeing what God sees and saying what God says,” the film explains. “If you’re willing, He’ll use you. He wants to speak through you. Will you let Him?”

CHRIST IN YOU: THE VOICE is available now through Amazon Prime and on DVD and other VOD platforms. For more information, please visit