Christmas Ponderings from Classic Artists Music Group Family.


Classic Artists Music Group’s Charlie Griffin says, “Christmas is a special time of year. For believers it is a time of celebration of the first Christmas gift. What a gift to the world, God’s only son. But as mankind has matured, we have added the giving of gifts to one another, sharing time with family and friends over food plus worship in our local church community. My best memories will always be that of a child looking under a tree for that special gift or to hear Mom singing Christmas songs while cooking supper, the church Christmas play with the brown paper sacks of candy, fruit and nuts. Those memories ground me and enforce the Christmas message to me now more than ever, That same Christmas message is for today, for you and me, for young and old alike. Each Christmas the message grows richer with its impact on our lives.”




Pine Ridge Boys owner, Larry Stewart points out, “Being on the road slows down during the end of the year holidays. But what it does is allow family time to take center stage. My best memories of Thanksgiving and Christmas are with my Mom and Dad, spending time with family. We would laugh, eat, sing and just have fun together. Today that same feeling is true with my family. Each year is different as we lose loved ones, but it is our faith, family and friends that holds us together. It is something special for me and Anne to see our children and their children, (Sadie and all our grandkids) during the holiday. ”




Gospel Harmony Boys Clancy Williams states, “Historically the GHBs do not  sing during the Christmas season other than a few corporate events. Some years back we had finished one of those for a construction company when we were approached by an “experienced” employ who asked how he could get to know this Jesus we had talked about. Leading him to the Lord amid all the decorations and road cases will always be a wonderful Christmas memory.  I go to church with him these days.

Remember, Christmas changed everything for those of us who love the Lord. So, look for the opportunity to help change everything for someone else this Christmas season.”




Tommy Murdock shares, “I remember finding out about Santa, then a year or so later I found the Savior! I’ve made so many mistakes in life , but thanks to the Savior born in a manger who died on the cross, rose from the grave for the remission of sin, I have blessed hope. Thank you, Lord!!!”







From Inheritance, Douglas Davis says, “As I begin this Christmas Season, I can’t help but think about all that has changed in this my 65th Christmas. I remember Christmas as a child with the wonder and anticipation of opening gifts. Then, as an adult seeing Christmas through the eyes of my children was a whole new experience. And now with my children grown, I see Christmas in yet another light. Giving and receiving gifts is not as important as being with my family (which can be hard to do with all of the extended families). Yet, through all my years the one thing that has remained constant, we celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ our hope and salvation! I’m so thankful for that eternal gift and His presence with me each day. This is Douglas and Melinda Davis wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! “



Our favorite Christmas memories is just spending time with family. However, some of the best Christmas memories are times spent seeing Christmas plays portraying the birth of Jesus. Singing songs about the birth of Jesus, or just reading Luke 2. This is what Christmas is all about, Jesus Is The Reason For The Season.” exclaims Judy Pardoe with the Sounds of Victory.


During this busy time of year, it is easy to forget the message as we try to focus on getting that perfect gift. Humanity has faced a pandemic with lives lost and changed. But this year the timeless message of a Savior born in Bethlehem rings loudly. It is from that manger hope was born for all mankind. It is from that manger grace was born for you and me.


Merry Christmas from the Classic Artists Music Group family. Thank you for sharing hope all year long.


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