Clearvision Quartet Welcomes New Vocalist

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Clearvision Quartet Welcomes New Vocalist

Clearvision Quartet Welcomes New Vocalist

Oxford, AL – Clearvision Quartet, the all-male Southern Gospel Quartet proudly welcomes a new addition to their ministry. CVQ was founded in Oxford, AL and recently celebrated their 8th anniversary. It was at this anniversary celebration that Clearvision announced the selection to fill the open baritone vocalist position.

Chris Fugatt, from Lincoln, AL, was announced on June 23rd as the newest member of the Clearvision family. Chris is no stranger to gospel music having traveled with is family, The Fugatt Family, for the past few years. Chris is not only a competent vocalist but also a very seasoned musician.

Fugatt posted on Facebook this weekend, “…it’s time to turn the page and start a new chapter in my life. Since coming from behind the drums to stand behind the mic I have always sang with my family The Fugatt Family. But with lots of prayers and support from family and friends, God has presented a new path for our lives.”

Group manager Steve Dover stated, “Chris seemed like a perfect fit for CVQ. When Jacob (Dover) resigned the position earlier I wasn’t sure what we were going to do. A lot of people can sing, and sing well, but the baritone position is not an easy one to tackle. It doesn’t garner the glamour and glory that the other three positions get but you sure do notice when they are absent. Chris comes to us with tons of experience from singing with his family. He filled in for a short time and I told the guys that I thought we didn’t need to look any further for our next member. Chris graciously accepted our offer and we look forward to a long and distinguished relationship with him. Oh, and he comes with his family’s blessing – including mom! This was huge!”

Be looking for new things coming from Clearvision Quartet in the coming days. For more information you can find them on Facebook at You can also find their schedule of upcoming events on their Facebook page as well as

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