Congratulations to High Fidelity and the April Top 20 SGN SCOOPS Bluegrass Songs

  1.  The Mighty Name of Jesus High Fidelity/Rebel Records 
  2.  Thank You, Lord for Grace Authentic Unlimited/Billy Blue Records 
  3.  It’s Too Late Carson Peters & Iron Mountain/Billy Blue Records
  4. Way Up On The Mountain Becky Isaacs Bowman/House of Isaacs/New Day 
  5.  Because Of Me Eagle’s Wings/Independent 
  6.  Touch Of God’s Hand Adam McIntosh/Billy Blue Records 
  7.  For What Earthly Reason Chuck Wagon Gang/Mountain Home/Crossroads 
  8.  Hell’s Fire Jimmy Howson/Independent 
  9. Heaven’s Getting Sweeter Each Day Kristen Bearfield(with Darin & Brooke Aldridge) Thoroughbred Records
  10.  Don’t Hold Back Rick Faris/Independent 
  11. It Was Jesus Right Side/Independent 
  12.  Old Country Baptizing Zoe & Cloyd/Organic/Crossroads 
  13.  Biggest Part Of Living Tim Davis/Family Music Group 
  14.  Lonely Road Nick Chandler & Delivered/Independent 
  15.  Oh What Love Kentucky Just Us/Independent 
  16.  Man In The Middle Phillips & Banks/Independent 
  17. I Need The Prayers High Fidelity/Rebel Records 
  18.  Please Don’t Throw The Hymn Book Away Eric Horner/Independent 
  19. Family Chain Becky Isaacs Bowman (with Ricky Skaggs)House Of Issacs/New Day
  20.  I Want To Be Just Like You Chosen Road/Thoroughbred Records