Congratulations to Jeff and Sheri Easter and The SGN SCOOPS Christian Country Top 40 (April 2021)

SGNScoops Christian Country Top 40

1 Send It On Down The Nile Jeff & Sheri Easter/Gaither Music
2 God Can Shellem Cline/Tire Swing Records
3 The Rest Of The Story Ray Wolford/HMG
4 God Lives Lisa Daggs/Independent
5 Your Son Chris Golden/24K Records
6 Hometown Heroes Woody Wright/Independent
7 Come On Back PARDONED/Mansion
8 Joy Branded/Independent
9 Little Things Melissa Evans/Chapel Valley
10 Here I Go Again Journeys/Chapel Valley
11 He Will See Me Through Don Stiles/Independent
12 Promise Land Sam L. Smith/Independent
13 On Your Knees Doug Corum/Independent
14 Tougher Than Nails Bev McCann/Independent
15 Thank God For The Blessing Mitchell Whisnant/Independent
16 That’s The Way It Should Be Elizabeth Miller Clary/Independent
17 The Hour I First Believed Derrick Loudermilk Bank/Independent
18 Find Jesus Now Lizzy G/Independent
19 I Have A Friend Jessica Horton/M.A.C. Records
20 Repentance Still Works Appointed2/Independent
21 Rock Bottom Kevin and Kim Abney/Independent
22 Jesus In My Country Trish England
23 King Of Glory Chosen Road/Song Garden
24 What Livin Is Lance Driskell/Independent
25 I Just Want To Thank You Lulu Roman/Independent
26 Don’t Weep For Me Ava Kasich/Independent
27 Riding Through The Storms Roger BarkleyJr/Independent
28 I Can’t Blame No One But Me Cooke Brothers/Independent
29 Mom Ken Harrell/Mansion
30 I Know Who I Am Alan Frizzell/Independent
31 Country Gospel Is Rocking Country Dan Duncan/Independent
32 Come Up Clean Steve Ladd/Crossroads
33 When You Pray, Pray For America MARK209/Independent
34 Born Again Sunday Drive/Crossroads
35 I Know He Lives Tammy Norris/Independent
36 I’ll Go Through This Valley With You Bruce Haynes/Independent
37 He Got What I Deserved Don Stiles/Independent
38 When He Came Down Paul Winchester/Independent
39 IKnow That Was You Tim Menzies/New Day Records
40 I Found Life Tonja Rose/Mansion