Courtney Collingsworth: a Younger Perspective by Erin Stevens

Courtney Collingsworth and the Collingsworth Family in concert
Courtney Collingsworth and the Collingsworth Family in concert

A word from the writer…

If you are a faithful ‘Younger Perspective’ reader, you would know that in years past, I’ve had the joy of interviewing two members of The Collingsworth clan. This month I thought, “Why not go for three?” It has been a long wait to invite my dear friend, Courtney, to join in the fun. There couldn’t be a kinder, more sweet-spirited, gracious, multi-talented and well-dressed young lady you could find in the gospel music world. Let’s dive into all the happenings taking place in Mrs. Metz’s life, shall we?


Erin: If anyone has been a Collingsworth fan for any length of time, they would know that you have grown up singing Gospel music since you were a little girl. However, for you personally, when did you feel the call to become a full-fledged part of the group all those years ago?

Courtney Collingsworth
Courtney Collingsworth

Courtney: I think I really began to take the ministry on as my own when I was in my mid-teens. I loved what I did, but as I began getting older (and towards the end of high school) I started considering my options outside of singing, and I came to realize that I just could not imagine my life without being in ministry traveling with my family. More than that though, there is just something about conveying the Gospel through song that I know is my calling. Hearing the stories of how God has used a certain song never ceases to bring tears to my eyes and reaffirm that I am doing what God has planned for me.


Erin: What began your enjoyment of flipping houses with your hubby, Michael?

Courtney: My dad is really into real estate, and my husband, Michael, is an excellent handyman, and if you follow me on Instagram, you know I love to decorate. So, two years ago we purchased our first home and remodeled the entire house and sold it. Thanks to a lot of hard work on my husband’s part (and a lot of advice and expertise from my dad) it has been a successful thing for us and also, a lot of fun to create beautiful homes together!


Erin: Your family just got back from a weekend in NYC singing at the Brooklyn Tabernacle. You said on Instagram, “Best day ever!” Describe what that incredible experience was like?

Courtney: If you have never been to the Brooklyn Tabernacle, it is something you can’t describe; it has to be experienced. All I can say is the Brooklyn Tabernacle puts a huge emphasis on prayer and you can feel it when you walk into the building. They have a team of people praying above the auditorium during every service (three services every Sunday) and I have never felt the presence of the Lord quite like it. It is a huge honor and highlight of our year to minister at their church.

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Erin: It’s been so fun keeping up with all the behind the scenes video clips of you all tracking in the studio for your brand new album That Day Is Coming. How would you summarize these recent recording sessions?

Courtney: It is always so exciting to get in the studio with new music. We only record new songs every two years, so by the time we start a new record we are definitely ready for fresh music. We are privileged to work with some amazing Nashville musicians and it is always amazing to see them work.


Erin: What is it like cramming that many people onto the The Black Pearl every week?

Courtney: We honestly have an awesome time! Lots of late nights, laughs, and too much fast food. There are now 11 of us traveling; including all of our spouses who work for the ministry, my niece Emma and a driver. Oh and a little dog!


Courtney Collingsworth and Family
Courtney Collingsworth and Family

Erin: Is there a verse or a particular passage of Scripture that is meaningful to you at this stage in your life?

Courtney: My favorite verse has always been Proverbs 17:22, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” Just reminds me to keep a happy, positive spirit.


Erin: Tell the readers the story behind launching The CFam Sisters blog. Who’s idea was it?

Courtney: I had an idea a few years ago to do a post on my photography blog about modest fashion, but we never got around to acting on it. So, we were on our California tour this year, and us girls got to talking about fashion (something we all enjoy) and thought, well, why don’t we start an entire blog dedicated to modest fashion? Modesty can be looked at negatively and we wanted to hopefully show that you can still dress fashionably and modestly at the same time. It has been a blast putting everything together!


Erin: What’s your favorite song off the new CD? Why?

Courtney: I think one of my favorites is a new song called ‘You’re About to Climb.’ It puts a positive spin on the struggles (mountains) that people go through in life.


Erin: In all of your travels, where are some of your absolute must stops for the bus when it comes to shopping? (I’m sure all the ladies reading will be thrilled that I asked this!)

Courtney: That’s a hard one! One of our favorite places to be honest are the Tanger Outlets in Sevierville, TN. We all love a good bargain! Also, shopping along the Piers in San Francisco is also a favorite stop!


Erin: How is your photography business doing in the midst of your hectic road schedule?

Courtney: It has been doing well! Obviously our travel schedule is full, so I have to turn down a lot of sessions, but I have about five sessions as soon as we are home from the trip we are on at the moment. It keeps me busy and challenges my creative side.


Erin: Given the large platform the Lord has blessed you and your family to minister from, how do you personally want your light to shine as you’re working for the Kingdom of God?

Courtney: I just hope that people will see that I truly want to bring honor and glory to my Savior, not only in my singing, but with the life that I live.


Closing words from the writer…

I’m thankful to women like Courtney who are willing vessels to go wherever their Heavenly Father leads. It’s true, The Collingsworth Family is reaching lives that you or I may never meet. But Courtney’s closing thought is the same for all of us, right where we are, right where God has us. Our lives are our testimony; we are walking, living, breathing testimonies everywhere we go. The challenge is to make sure what we say lines up with what we do! The closer we live to Jesus, the greater chance of the world seeing Him in us as they peek around the corner of our lives to watch our testimonies in action. Thanks so much to Courtney for her heartfelt answers and for brightening our day!


Until next month, Scoops fans…

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By Erin Stevens

First published by SGN Scoops magazine in November  2015

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