Nashville – The latest music video debut by Jim Sheldon paired with fellow solo artist Rachel Taylor titled “New Again” is now available on  The video was filmed over the span of four days in various locations throughout Nashville and Murfreesboro by Godsey and Associates.

“New Again” portrays the relationship between Mary and Jesus, reflecting from Jesus as a baby to a powerful scene of the crucifixion and finally his resurrection.

“What an amazing opportunity to capture this story on film.  Everyone gave 100 percent.  I hope we reach many people with the message of ‘New Again’.” said producer Scott Godsey.

Twenty year old Garrett Taylor from LaVerne, TN was cast for the role of Jesus in the video.  “Well I didn’t know what to expect, but playing Jesus was awesome.  There is just something about that name that makes you feel good.  However, people probably think being Jesus would be easy but it was not.  Carrying the cross was difficult.”

The role was a challenging and strenuous one for Taylor.  “Being on the cross made it hard to breath and I almost dislocated my shoulder.”  Although the physical demands of the role were painful, the actor says it wasn’t the most difficult part of the portrayal.

“The hardest part about portraying Jesus was trying to be like him every day after we were done shooting the video.  I did not really get emotional except for when I was on the cross from all the pain.  It took about a day to sink in what I did and it gave me a new perspective on what Jesus went through on the cross.”

Jim Sheldon, also noted for other YouTube successes such as “I Belong to Jesus” and “Extreme Makeover” is very excited about the video reaching new audiences.  “I am honored and blessed to be teamed with a God gifted and Christ centered group of people!” said Jim. “I am praying for God to open opportunities for Rachel and me to perform this video all across the country.”


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