Daywind Artists Travel To South America With Compassion International

Pictured L to R: Scott Fowler, Scott Howard, Zane King, Gerald Wolfe, Rodney Griffin & Chris Allman

Hendersonville, TN (February 16, 2011) –Daywind Records recording artists, Greater Vision and Legacy Five, recently traveled to Bogota, Columbia as part of a team from Compassion International.  While there, they witnessed first-hand the work that is being done through Compassion to reach the children of Columbia, as well as their families.

Over the course of four days, the groups were able to visit three of the Compassion projects in Columbia, which included nearly 1,000 school-aged children.  These young people of Bogota met the group of Americans with much excitement and celebration.  The artists not only spent time with the students at their school, but, also, were able to make home visits and meet the families of some of the children involved in the program.

Gerald Wolfe of Greater Vision shares, “I don’t think I have ever been more overwhelmed by an experience than I was by this trip.  It has given me an even greater desire to reach people with the Gospel.”

“I have been on three trips with Compassion and I never cease to be amazed at the real difference they are making in the lives of these kids,” expresses Scott Fowler of Legacy Five.  He continues, “Then these kids make a difference in the families at home.  Then these families make a difference in their communities.  It really is a remarkable thing to witness first hand.”

Zane King, Artist Relations Manager for Compassion International, comments on the impact artists have made through the organization, “The Southern Gospel music community has completely embraced this wonderful ministry by sponsoring thousands of children that are in need.  Along with many others, Greater Vision and Legacy Five have contributed their time and resources to our work all around the world.  More than 150,000 children gave their heart and life to Christ last year alone.  Clearly, the fact that Compassion lifts children, not only from physical poverty, but spiritual poverty, as well, compels our music community to engage in this Kingdom work.”

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