Derrell Stewart needs our prayers

Derrell Stewart of the Florida Boys
Derrell Stewart of the Florida Boys

Many of you will remember Derrell Stewart as the iconic “Red Socks” pianist with the Southern Gospel Quartet, the Florida Boys. He and his wife Reve’ are in need of our prayers.

Robert York, writer for SGNScoops, reports the following from last night, February 10, 2020:

Prayers for Derrell Stewart tonight. He has been in rehab from his episodes last month and tonight he fell badly. He cut his head open and broke his arm.
They have applied sutures to his head and he is still in the ER at this time.
Please pray for Derrell and please pray for special strength for Revé. She is having a hard time with everything he has been going through the last couple months. She needs strength and encouragement!

Thanks all!

Derrell Stewart pictured here with the Florida Boys, bottom left. Photo courtesy of Allen Cox , top left.

Please be in prayer for Reve’ and Derrell. and their family. Derrell was in rehab from a stroke.

Thank you for your prayers.