Down East Boys joyously proclaim God’s redemption is ‘Something To Shout About’

Down East Boys

Arden, North Carolina — Though the title track from their last EP, “There’s A Song For That,” has been riding high on the Southern Gospel charts for months, Sonlite Records’ Down East Boys have been keeping fans well supplied with new material to sample on their own schedules — first with the release of early May’s majestically orchestrated “He Looked Beyond My Fault,” and now with the drop of the title track to a forthcoming full-length album, “Something To Shout About.”

Bold and assertive from its opening flourish of drums, “Something To Shout About” offers a driving, up-tempo beat that suits the joyous spirit of its message of God’s redemption. An ever-changing vocal arrangement in the verses keeps the spotlight moving between each of the quartet’s members, who take turns in offering the affirmations of Kenna Turner West and Jason Cox’s simple yet stirring lyrics:

Have you heard salvation’s story
Written for you and me
Jesus, God’s only son
Died for sin at Calvary
Was laid in a garden tomb but in three days
Death was defeated when He conquered the grave

Before joining together in the ringing chorus:

That’s something to shout about
That’s something, and you can’t help but tell the whole world how
He saved us from sin, washed us clean
Glory, hallelujah, He set us free
That’s something to shout about

“We love this new lyric,” say the Down East Boys. “If the Lord has ever touched your life then you have ‘Something to Shout About.’ This song will challenge you to tell the world what God has done for you!”
Listen to “Something To Shout About” HERE.

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