Ernie Dawson needs our prayers

HeirlineErnie Dawson of Heirline is in need of prayer after suffering a medical emergency. Please pray for this singer and evangelist. He wrote the following on his Facebook page earlier today:

Ernie Dawson of theI wanted to let everyone know what’s going on with me. I had a stroke and had to be airlifted to Erlanger, I went through a series of tests, then it was determined that I needed surgery on my carotid artery to fix the problem, so I had surgery, I was sent to ICU. There is where other problems crept up. My blood pressure won’t come up, they told me that I went into full blown heart failure, so I’m on a lot of different iv fluid medicine which is not good for a dialysis patient on fluid restrictions. One day so much happened I thought it was the end, so here I am in intensive care praying that everyday will be better than the last. I want to be home to book singing dates and keep my home afloat. Our bills are (huge). I shouldn’t be in here worrying about it all but I can’t help it. I’m human and the dad. So, how long will I be here, I don’t know. I really need my friends right now. I need my singing friends to rally around me. Pray for me and my family, help me, if you’d like to book us for a singing call us, if I can’t make it my boys will. I’ll try when I get better. I

Ernie Dawson of Heirline
Ernie Dawson

just need to heal.i love you all. From the bottom of my heart I love you all. God Bless you. Ernie.

Please pray for Ernie and his family.