EverReadys Sign Agreement with Crescendo Music Management

{Crescendo Gospel Music Management} One of the most historic names in black gospel music has experienced a revival and signed a developmental contract with Crescendo Gospel Music Management. The EverReadys have started booking for a new tour that promises to thrill and bless fans of all music loving genres. This historic group has been around for years and is best known for their unique rendition of the song “Learning to Lean” which is now available for purchase on iTunes.
Zack Swain, President of Crescendo Gospel Music Management, states, “ I am excited to start this journey with the EverReadys. This is a group that I’ve grown up listening to their arrangements and renditions of songs. While this is a style of music I have little experience with I am looking forward to aiding them in their cross over to the music I love, Southern Gospel. We are currently negotiating contract agreements to start the EverReadys new Cd project. Be on the look out for more information draws near.
Jerome Williams, Business leader of the EverReadys say’s, “We are extremely excited to be working with Zack Swain and Crescendo Gospel Music Management. We have always had a lot of respect for the Southern Gospel Music Industry and can’t wait to see where God leads us on this Journey. We look forward to sharing the Good News of our Lord and Savior through music and testimony to a new audience.
The EverReadys website is currently under construction so for more information on the group or booking information please contact Mr.Williams at “ gismyfavoritekey@gmail.com