Fast Five With The Bibletones

1. Tell us how the Bibletones Quartet was formed.

The Bibletones was formed in 1957 in Lumberton,Mississippi by Ward and Irene Hurt. Ward moved to Lumberton from the Sand Mountain Alabama area. Ward was part of The Sand Mountain Quartet with Hovie Lister at the piano. Lumberton stayed home base for The Bibletones for many years. Most of the groups still singing today has been a part of The Bibletones Homecoming each year. The event is located at The Lumberton High School Football in Lumberton, Mississippi.


2. Tell us about your New Radio Single, “That’s Why His Grace Is Amazing To Me.”

Last January we were driving to Charleston South Carolina to be a part of The Gospel Jubilee Cruise. I had an idea in my head and I shared it with the guys on the way up to catch the boat. That was our 60th year of ministry we have had over 80 members of The Bibletones through the years some great singers and also some great songwriters. We decided to do a 60 year anniversary project and record some of our favorites through the years. This single “That’s Why His Grace Is Amazing To Me” is definitely one of our favorites. The song was written by Diane McVey from Gautier MS and was originally recorded on The Bibletones Live from The MS Gulf Coast project. That project was the only live recording we have ever done.


3. Jack, Introduce your group.

Danny Jackson is our tenor singer. Danny makes his home in Purvis MS and works as a funeral director in Columbia MS.

Chris Bryant is our lead singer. Chris makes his home in Wiggins MS. Chris is in the process of building a recording studio that he will operate out of his home in Wiggins.

Glen Floyd is our bass singer. Glen makes his home in Mendenhall MS. Glen is semi retired but he does operate a sign company out of his home in Mendenhall.

We do have a band when they are able to travel with us.  Ken Keyes plays the bass for us and makes his home in Laurel. Ken is a retired fireman has a dry cleaning business and also a construction company.

Andrew Ishee is no stranger to gospel music and we are very fortunate to have him play the piano for us when he can go. Andrew makes his home in Laurel MS. Andrew is The minister of music at Life Church in Laurel also has a recording studio where he stays busy with studio work. Andrew does all of our arrangements and recording for us and like I said earlier we are blessed to have him. Andrew also has a solo ministry.

That’s everybody but me. My name is Jack Armstrong I make my home in Ellisville MS. I do whatever is left. I sing baritone, drive the bus, book dates, and anything else that nobody wants to do. I am am starting my 29th year as an auctioneer and also serve as a Deputy Sheriff with the Jones County Sheriffs Department.


4. How can your cd’s be purchased? What number can we call to book The Bibletones?

We can be reached by email Phone 601-310-2991 or on the web also keep up with us on FB


5. When the group Ian on the road, where is your favorite place to stop and eat?

We like them all, but usually we stop at Cracker Barrel for the food and the bus parking.

Thanks guys for sharing with us! We are making plans to see you in concert soon.