Fast Five with Trinity 3….


Recently, we got to talk with Trinity 3 and asked them five questions. We call this “Fast Five.” Enjoy!
1. Tell Us About Trinity 3:
Trinity 3 is a ladies trio from Mississippi and Alabama. Rhonda Richardson, Lauren Morris, and Makenzie Conn make up the trio and do the singing. We also have two guys that are part of the group and make up the band. Ricky Morris plays keys and Nathan Richardson plays bass.
Trinity 3 was established in January 2014 after the three ladies attended a 5th Sunday night singing that was being held at Rhonda’s church. Both Lauren and Makenzie sang but had no idea who each other were. After that night the friendship began as did the new Trinity 3 family. After the very first practice together, we all knew that God had called us out. That is when it all fell in place. The Lord told us in Matthew 28:19 “Go therefore into all nations making disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” This is our scripture verse that we chose. It firmly tells us to “GO” and that is what we are doing. The helpful thing about it all is that God gave us the tools we need and we are having the best time ever.


2. Tell Us About Your Current Radio Single:
We have been so blessed through our 2 ½ years of ministry. God has provided everything we have ever needed. We are continuously being amazed at all the things he is doing. Our latest blessing came in the form of our newest release “God Did It”. And that is exactly what he did. He has done it all. Rhonda took the lead on the song because she felt like she had lived the song. Being the oldest of the 3 ladies, she has been down a road or two of changes and disappointments but after it was all said and done, God reached down, took her by the heart and pulled her out, “GOD DID IT”!! We like to give some credit to Dennis McKay with M.A.C. Records for seeing in us something we didn’t. Upon recording the latest project “The Climb”, Dennis heard “God Did It” and said, “Ladies, ya’ll have something great in this song”. Once again God had done it again.

3. What Can Folks Expect When They Come to a Trinity 3 Service?
We like to make it personal with everyone we meet and sing in front of. We enjoy walking around at the very beginning of the services and shaking hands with the congregation. We like for them to be comfortable from the start so that there is no reason that the Holy Spirit can’t show up and show out. We make it known that we don’t come to entertain you, we come to worship.


4. When Y’all Are On the Road, What Is Your Favorite Place to Eat?
FOOD!! All we can say is that we love it. ALL of it. I guess that best is when you go sing for a church for homecoming and you get all that fresh vegetables, fried chicken, etc. You get the idea.

5. How Can Folks Contact Trinity 3?
We would love to hear from you. You can contact us several different ways.
Facebook: Trinity 3
Telephone: Ricky @ 205-535-6633 or Natasha @ 205-399-6716