Fast Five With Jamie Lynn Flanakin

We recently asked Jamie Lynn Flanakin some questions. Read below to find out more about this amazing Christian Country Gal!

 When did your ministry begin?

(Jamie Lynn)   My ministry began when I left everything behind in 2007 and moved from Louisiana to Texas.  I was born and raised in Lousisana and all my family still live there.  It happened when I met my husband in Mississippi and then we got married 3 months later (I know!! Crazy!! Right!!), but we knew the Lord had placed us together.  Well, let me back up a tad.  I have been singing since I was 3 and on stage since I was 6.  My mother and I sang together any chance we had.  I sure do miss those days.  During my teenage and early twenties, I really strayed away from the Lord, even though I was still in church.  Those were some rough days.  The Lord was working on me then and still is today.  Well, after I married Richard, I moved to Texas and my life changed forever.  We began attending New Harmony Baptist Church and soon after I starting singing on Sundays there.  A man named Richard Mabry also attended the same church and immediately said to his wife, “I’m going to work with that girl”.  Bro. Richard wrote a song “When My Room Is Ready”, and Tommy Smith with Canyon Creek Records listened to it after I recorded it and decided we needed to it on the radio.  And well, that’s how it all began.  We has since then released several songs to radio and I released my first CD album last year.  God has opened so many doors and I’m so very thankful for each step.

Tell us about your current single.
(Jamie Lynn)  The song “Free” is the current single we have out and I sure love singing it.  I met Cowboy Row Hall at the ICGMA about 3 years ago and we have been friends ever since.  About a year afterwards we met up again at another event in Texas.  While there he sang me this song and I told him, “You’re singing my life’s song”.  I just had to record that song and he allowed me to do so.  Cowboy Roy wrote this song from a deep dark place of pain in his life and only thought the song was for himself and no others.  Boy was he wrong!  He has severe depression and sorrow, but the Lord freed him of that pain.  Here is a small portion of his testimony:
(Cowboy Roy)

I was severely depressed for 2 years from 2008-2010. I wouldn’t go anywhere or do anything…that time to me is nothing but a blur. Then in the month of March 2010 someone called me on the phone and prayed for me for a half hour. We were both crying and that moment God lifted that depression off of me. The enemy tried to destroy me for he knew what God had in store and he wanted to put a stop to it but his efforts were worthless i thought that my life was over and that i had reached the end…God proved me wrong. When I left Illinois the end of October 2015…. We had made it to Joplin, Missouri and I went in to get a bottle of water at a convenience store….coming back out I was halfway between the store and the car and this breeze hits me…. I said I am out of Illinois and I lifted my hands and said I’m FREE. Over a month later he gave me the words to FREE”

 A brand new song will go out to radio next month. Be looking for it on the Hey Ya’ll Media Disc. The title is “Oh, My God.”

Do you have a job?

  (Jamie Lynn)   I do have a full time job.  I work for Brookshire’s Grocery Company out of Tyler Texas.  I am the coordinator for the Space Management department at the corporate office.  I am praying if it’s the Lord’s Will to remove me from that job and go into the ministry full time.  I also love working in my garden and landscaping (which is a very new hobby of mine). 

Share your Testimony?
(Jamie Lynn)    I gave a little bit of my testimony above, but just know that the Lord could have given up on me and He did not.  I’m so thankful I serve a Lord who keeps forgiving and shows a ton of mercy and grace to me.  When I married my husband Richard, the Lord also gave me a daughter.  She is my step-daughter, Tylar, whom I love dearly as my own.  We lost her mother about 9 years ago to cancer and it has been a struggle.  We have had many struggles and heartaches along the way, but the Lord has made us stronger through each trial.
How can your product be purchased or a concert be booked?
(Jamie Lynn)  You can reach out to His Music Ministry – Richard Mabry (903)262-8280 for bookings.
I am also on Facebook @jamielynnflanakinmusic
Thank you Jamie Lynn for sharing about your ministry with SGN Scoops!