“Fast Five” With The Pathfinders…. Celebrating 25 Years in Ministry


1.      So, The Pathfinders are celebrating 25 years in the ministry.  How are you celebrating this milestone?  We’re having a wonderful year.  We kicked it off at Dollywood last October and we haven’t stopped yet.  This is looking to be our busiest year..  By the end of December we will have done over 100 services.


2.     What is the next big thing you have planned? We will be back at Dollywood, October 27th & 28th, and we are working on gathering new songs for a new project and hope to be in the studio in January.


3.     Tell me about your newest Cd, “Silver Edition”.  Wow, this was a fun one for us.  There’s a lot of upbeat songs on Silver Edition.  Seems like everytime we do a CD it ends up having a theme to it.  Most of the songs on this one remind us that it’s time for the Lord to come again. Songs like “ Just Another Day” and “ A Few More Miles” tell us that we don’t have long left here and that we need to work for Him every chance that we get.


4.     What is your latest CD release to radio? Our latest release is called “Leave My Trouble Behind”.  The song features Dearl and he does an awesome job with it. Again, it reminds us that when the Lord comes we’ll leave behind all of our burdens and troubles here. We won’t have them in Heaven. What a wonderful time to look forward to.


5.     How can the folks get in touch with you? We’d love for everyone to visit us on our website, www.thepathfinders.com or on Facebook at “The Pathfinder’s Mt Holly”.  They can also see us on the American Gospel Onstage show on the NRB network on Saturday evenings.


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