Favorite Christmas Memory- Jantina de Hana-Baksteen

Favorite Christmas Memory
Every night on December 5th the door bell would ring. My twin sister, brother, and I, would run out of the door and a big basket of presents stood there. But we never caught the one who set that basket outside because we saw no one run away too fast to be seen.
Years and years later, we decided to wait right at the side of the door. So the minute the door rang, we opened the door. It was my brother. He had found out how this mystery went on for years.
My clever dad has fooled us all these years by turning the switch of the door bell with no one on the outside. That was  wonderful and miraculous thinking for my dad to bring excitement to us as kids for many years.
Jantina de Haan-Baksteen is from The Netherlands. Thank you for sharing with us Jantina about your favorite Christmas Memory.

“Sinterklaas” at Christmas time with Jantina’s Family