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Happy Birthday Jantina!

Written by scoopsnews on May 3, 2020 – 8:10 am -

A very special member of our Scoops Team is having a Birthday! Please help us wish Jantina de Haan- Baksteen a very Happy Day!

Thank you Jantina for all of your work and dedication to Scoops. We Love you!



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Favorite Christmas Memory- Jantina de Hana-Baksteen

Written by scoopsnews on December 17, 2019 – 9:43 am -

Favorite Christmas Memory

Every night on December 5th the door bell would ring. My twin sister, brother, and I, would run out of the door and a big basket of presents stood there. But we never caught the one who set that basket outside because we saw no one run away too fast to be seen.
Years and years later, we decided to wait right at the side of the door. So the minute the door rang, we opened the door. It was my brother. He had found out how this mystery went on for years.
My clever dad has fooled us all these years by turning the switch of the door bell with no one on the outside. That was  wonderful and miraculous thinking for my dad to bring excitement to us as kids for many years.
Jantina de Haan-Baksteen is from The Netherlands. Thank you for sharing with us Jantina about your favorite Christmas Memory.

“Sinterklaas” at Christmas time with Jantina’s Family


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Beyond the Song: Fields of Grace sing “I Got Saved”

Written by Staff on October 25, 2019 – 4:10 pm -

Fields of GraceIn this edition of Beyond the Song, Jantina de Haan-Baksteen talks to Southern gospel artists, Fields of Grace, about their song, “I’ve been Saved.” This group is from Candler, N. C., and started in 2012. Members are Elise Ingle, along with husband and wife, Nathaniel and Leslie Smith.

JB: What was your calling to actually form this group?

FoG: We started singing together in the “Old Gospel Barn” located on our church property and we knew immediately there was something special happening. We knew the touch of God was on us and we should do more. We had faith but never knew what the Lord had in store for us. It has been the Holy Spirit’s anointing and seeing churches being blessed that confirmed our ministry.

Fields of GraceJB: What makes you different from other groups?

FoG: We make sure the songs have a message and if the anointing is not on it, we won’t keep singing it. Also our harmony has been described often as “family harmony,” and we work and practice to improve on that. In addition, everyone gets to sing lead and we frequently switch parts. Our ministry is primarily one of encouraging the church and we have many churches we sing at annually.

JB: “I Got Saved” is your second release to radio, after “Dining With The King,” which did well on radio charts. “I Got Saved” is one of my favorites on this project. The melody is catchy, but the message is powerful, too! Can you share us how this song came to your group?

FoG: Nathaniel was driving the church bus for a ladies retreat where the original artists (who released the song first), “Selah,” were singing. Nathaniel said that from the first line of the music, he knew the song was special. One of the ladies let out a joyful shout from the balcony and the Holy Spirit gave Nathaniel confirmation. He shared this with Leslie and Elise and they knew they needed to make it part of their ministry.


JB: There is that particular line in the song, “What can wash away my sin…” that’s originally from the old hymn. Can you tell us something about that?Did you add this to it? Or did the songwriter put it in?

FoG: Nathaniel wanted to change the bridge on the original song and add the line from the old hymn, “What can wash away my sins? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus! What can make me whole again? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus!” It fit perfectly, and when we were in the studio recording the track, the power of this addition was very evident. Other groups sing this song but this addition makes it unique to Fields of Grace.

JB: How is it received by the audience? 

FoG: The Lord always anoints this message. Think about it; for the believer there is nothing more precious than the cleansing Blood of Christ and their personal story of grace and salvation. “I got saved.” And for the non-believer there is not a better message. Amen!

JB: What are your personal testimonies regarding this song?

FoG: The decision to put, “I Got Saved,” on our current project, “Undone,” was very clear to all of us. “I Got Saved” reminds all of us every time we sing it of God’s amazing grace and we are so thankful to be children of the King.

However, our testimonies are different as you can imagine. Leslie and Nathaniel were both saved at a young age. They are both grateful to have been born again while their hearts were so tender. Elise was saved as a young woman at the age of 22 at a very low point in her life. She recounts the loving touch of her Savior and how her home church accepted her with open arms.

JB: Is there something more you like to share to the readers of SGNScoops  Magazine? 

FoG: It is so rewarding and humbling to be able to sing for our Lord. He has called us into this ministry and as the last song of our project exclaims, we intend to, “Die on Battlefield.”

Leslie and Nathaniel are husband and wife and Elise has written two of our songs on our current project.

Our ministry is to encourage the church and point the lost to Jesus in song. We love to travel together and “have church” often on the roads to our next opportunity. 

Contact us on Facebook or For bookings you can also call Nathaniel at 828-712-6907 or Joe Belcher (Leslie’s dad and our manager) at 828-231-8002.

Enjoy “I Got Saved” by Fields of Grace. 


You can find more on Fields of Grace HERE.

Thanks Fields of Grace for stepping in on this edition of Beyond the Song.

May God guide your ministry, reaching out to those who are lost.

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Living Faith Quartet announces changes

Written by Staff on October 11, 2019 – 8:33 am -

Living Faith adds Mike FaustLiving Faith Quartet from Cullman, Alabama, announces changes to their group. Rodney, Nathan, and Mark, are excited to welcome Mike Foust as their new tenor singer.

Mike Foust is not stranger to gospel music, having sung with the Singing Ambassadors, and Appointed, among others. He began singing at the age of four and has been singing ever since.

Foust surrendered his life to Christ at the age of eight.  He says he felt God’s calling to share God’s word through song.  He resides in Boaz, Ala., with his wife Carol. They have two children, Micah and Haley, and have the privilege to call themselves grandparents to granddaughter, Carter, and grandson, Wylder.

Living Faith

Mike and Carol Faust

As Foust starts his journey with Living Faith Quartet, this talented group will change from a mixed group to a male quartet.

Their current lineup is: Founding member Rodney James, lead; Nathan James, baritone; Mark Byrd, bass; Mike Foust, tenor.

For booking, please visit their website HERE or email at

The SGNScoops team wishes God’s blessing with his assignment to Living Faith.

Special report by Jantina de Haan Baksteen

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