Favorite Christmas Memory- Mickey Bell

Favorite Christmas Memory

My mind takes me back to when my siblings and I got an Atari.  At the time, this was the best present ever.  Back then, when you bought the atari console, you also got the Pac-Man game fro free.  Well, we were very excited to open up this gift from Santa and to be able to play it.  There was just one problem.

My Grandparents had driven several hours to spend Christmas with us.  When made his delivery late on Christmas Eve night, my Grandmother started playing Pac-Man for the very first time and got hooked.  In fact, she was so hooked on this game that us kids were unable to play with our new toy on Christmas morning.
My Granddaddy had to entice her away from our house with the promise that he would buy her an Atari of her own.  Several months later, my Grandmother would pass away.  It was said that before she went to the hospital with her heart issue, she was sitting up playing her Pac-Man game to take her mind off of the pain.  After she beat her high score on the game, then she was willing to go to the hospital where she later died.
It’s not a somber moment but one that puts a smile on my face to think of the power of Christmas.  It can make grown ups feel like kids again.
Mickey Bell