From Karen Peck Special Prayer For Rickey


Hey Friends,

This week is Rickey’s the final week of treatments! Four radiations and one chemo left.

I am writing to you for a special reason. Over the past six weeks, Rickey has worked very hard to swallow and eat. Since the cancer is located in the left tonsil and surrounding lymph nodes, the radiation has literally burned his throat to the point of almost unbearable pain. He literally has no taste buds or saliva. On top of this, the chemo has made him very weak and nauseated. He has been taking medicines for these symptoms but now they are not working as well. He has lost weight and is very weak.

Today is a hard day. This will be a hard week. While I was waiting on Rickey to get his radiation treatment, I began to pray and ask the Lord to strengthen him and to build his immune system especially this week. Will y’all stand with me in prayer believing? Will you pray bold prayers for Rickey? In all of my years of traveling and having had the wonderful opportunity of knowing so many of you, I have never been so eager to reach out and request something so heartfelt. My heart is breaking for my husband and I knew I could count on you to stand with me in prayer for his healing and to pray him through this last stretch. I know God is willing and able!! We have been so overwhelmed by your continued prayers, love, and support. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love you dearly.

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