Godsey and Associates Signs Publicity Agreement with AG Publicity

godseyNashville, TN (January 4, 2013) AG Publicity is pleased to announce the signing of the premier media group, Godsey and Associates of Nashville, TN.

AG Publicity founder, Deon Unthank said, “We have been watching Godsey and Associates grow at a phenomenal rate. Their growth is only exceeded by the quality of work they produce. If you have ever watched a video produced by Godsey you will notice that their HD recordings are second to none.”

Scott Godsey, owner of Godsey and Associates, is an energetic young man who has one of the most creative minds in the Gospel Music industry. Scott stated, “We stay ahead of the latest trends in the marketplace.  Using the latest technologies and platforms, including the top tier Red Camera and newest editing capabilities by the experts, we take your songs to new stages through concept videos.”

Godsey and Associates have produced concept videos by some of the most prestigious artists in Gospel Music including, Brian Free And Assurance, Legacy Five, Jim Sheldon, and KC Johns.

Bev McCann, Director of Artist Relations for Godsey and Associates commented, “We are providing a service for Artists and Churches that was missing from our genre, and we are seeing real success in aiding these ministries.”

Godsey and Associates offers successful marketing plans that have proven themselves in today’s digital environment. Social Media offers unprecedented targeted reach. Television, Print, Radio and more are also options that Godsey and Associates employ. They have the tools to stay relevant in a social media driven world. You have the voice, they have the sounding board.

Godsey and Associates can be reached at http://www.godseyandassociates.com, ww.facebook.com/pages/Godsey-and-Associates, or godseyassociates@me.com  or (615) 788-4014.