The Good Ole Days…..True Stories of Faith by Linda Powell

One of our readers, Ms. Linda Powell, from Bremen , Georgia has shared some of her “True Faith Stories” with us.



” Where He Leads Me I Will Follow”

We lived in North Georgia for thirteen years while my
Dad worked for Tidwell Construction. We moved thirty-nine times during
those years. We met many people & made a lot of friends . I had the opportunity of witnessing for Jesus and praying for and with many people .
I told the Lord that I would go wherever He lead me and talk to whomever He put in
front of me. God took me at my word, as I take Him at His Word .
We were members of the Dawsonville Church of God. It was a very Spirit
Filled congregation. They
worshipped in Spirit and in
Truth. Memories of God moving are just as real to me now as they were then.
God led me to pray for an elderly man whose feet were crippled. He could hardly walk.
I saw him in the parking lot of a shopping center in Carrollton, Ga. I spoke to him & told him God could heal him. I asked if I could pray for him. “Lady, go ahead and pray. I’m hurting so bad.”
Before I knew I knew it, I was on my knees. My hands were on his feet. God reached down with His healing Power! The Spirit moved upon the man and he shed tears of praise!
The anointing was heavy! After the Spirit left us, he hugged he, and said “I know
God sent you. I could not stand the pain anymore.”
We never know when God will move. We must be instant in season and out of
season. God is an awesome God. He loves us so very much!  Praise His Holy

May you be helped
and blessed is my prayer.

Linda Powell