Gospel River Boys Annouce Name Change, New Lead Singer`

The Hallmark Quartet

“Hallmark”- a mark or symbol of genuineness or high quality!

The Gospel River Boys are excited about the things that are happening with the group!  We are starting a clean slate with the group such as our new lead singer, Mark Flaker, he has been blessed to have been with several great groups such as the Singing Americans, The Florida Boys, The Bibletones and The Mysterymen.  Also we are changing our name, and we have had a lot of prayers in this, to The Hallmark Quartet a non profit corporation.  Also we are selling our bus and buying  a lot newer entertainers bus and hiring on a experienced bus driver, Harold “Slim” Pickens.  We are excited about this and we are stepping up how we sing and what we are doing for the Lord.  So we would appreciate any positive Comments from you about this changes and always your prayers.  We are looking forward to singing at your concert or at your church.

From you Brothers in Christ,

Gary,Jerry,Jim, Mark