New Music from 2nd Generation

2nd Generation

Oak Grove, AR  – Award-winning mixed trio, 2nd Generation of Oak Grove, Arkansas, is back on the charts with their new album, The Church. These artists are passionate in their delivery of true Southern Gospel songs in their fifth CD since 2005. Produced by Robb Tripp, The Church showcases top writers and highlights original songs as well as tunes from years ago.

Aaron Wilburn and Lee Black wrote, “Mama’s Rocking Chair,” 2nd Generation’s current radio release featuring Randy Barnes, a song which the group says always draws tears from the audience. Elaine Robinson powerfully delivers Kyla Rowland’s ballad, “All Our Hope,” assuring listeners that Jesus is the only hope for all their needs. Wayne Walters, Misti Morgan/Sue Jones and Rodney Griffin also contributed original songs to this project.

The Church also features five songs from the past. Joel Hemphill’s hit, “I Came On Business For The King,” is an older favorite sung by Brenda Denney. Denney says, “We wanted to bring the song back because it describes why we do what we do every week. We are on business for the King!”

The artistry and skill of the musicians behind the vocals also makes The Church an enjoyable CD for the Gospel music collector. “We were honored to have some of the top musicians in Nashville playing on this project. Gordon Mote played the piano and keys for us and he is truly amazing,” says Denney.

The Church can be purchased directly from 2nd Generation, through their website or by contacting them at +1 913-710-5227 or by email at Follow 2nd Generation on Facebook at