Gus Gaches Named Song Garden Music Group Director

Gus Gaches
Gus Gaches

Song Garden Music Begins New Era

Chesapeake, VA, March 4, 2016 – Song Garden Music Group announces the appointment of Gus Gaches as director. Gus brings an unparalleled depth of experience in the music industry along with personal insight and knowledge from both, artist and production vantages. Utilizing award winning talent and creativity, as director, he has already begun to implement his vision of innovative ideas for Song Garden Music Group and their artists in order to set them apart from other record labels.

Song Garden Music Group owners, Dale, Lynn, and Marilyn Keffer, expressed their gratitude to the Rick Webb Family for their efforts in running Song Garden. “The Webbs have worked tirelessly to help us, but with the growth that their ministry has experienced they were simply unable to continue the day to day operations of the company” says Marilyn. “We are grateful for their assistance in this transition, and we are thrilled that they will continue to call Song Garden Music home for their wonderful family music ministry.”

The Keffers are also pleased with their choice of appointment. Marilyn comments, “Gus brings a fresh perspective to both the label and artists alike with a mind-set that formulates the big picture and long term growth. His heart to serve the Lord and passion for people are known throughout the music industry. We are blessed to have him accept the position of director.”

The record label has been redefined with a new face and formula. Gus explains, “We want to do our best not to be the typical ‘label’. Our goal is to build a community of artists who understand the value of helping each other and working together for a common goal. We have restructured everything from the ground up, and we are introducing new and exciting programs which will assist, educate, and help our artists as they grow their ministries. From simple things like offering financing for our artists to record, to programs which will help bring them much needed exposure and credibility. These efforts will allow our artists to experience real and needed growth. As our slogan says we are “sowing with purpose, growing with love”.

About Song Garden Music Group: Song Garden Music Group is a record label with the belief that a group of people who share the same vision and goals, who choose to come together for a common purpose, who work and “plant” together, can then “grow” and “reap” together, and accomplish great things for the Kingdom. To learn more about Song Garden Music Group visit their website: or contact them at (615) 294-2866.

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