Goodlettesville, TN – One of Christian’s music’s leading booking agencies, The Harper Agency has announced that legendary recording artist, The Inspirations (pictured in attached jpg) will join the company’s talented artist roster. The Harper Agency is presently scheduling events for the remainder of 2022 and into 2023.
The rich musical tradition known as The Inspirations originally began in 1964 when a school teacher from Swain County, North Carolina named Martin Cook invited several of his students to his home for evenings of singing. Those young men, Archie Watkins, Ronnie Hutchins, Jack Laws and Troy Burns began traveling throughout the mountains of Western North Carolina and eventually rose to national notoriety. Over the years, the group recorded countless hit songs, earned dozens of awards and accolades and were regularly featured on the historic Gospel Singing Jubilee television program, which aired nationally throughout the 1970s. The group was also the subject of a documentary that aired on CBS Television, hosted by noted television personality, Roger Mudd.
For more than five decades the music of The Inspirations has delighted audiences worldwide. Today, under the direction of original member Archie Watkins, group members Roland Kesterson, Isaac Moore, Wyatt Austin and Luke Vaught are continuing the tradition that began more than a half century ago. The quartet’s distinct sound is instantly recognizable and has changed very little, no matter who the group members have been. Watkins is delighted these young members are eager to carry on the tradition he helped to started as just a young teen. “These young guys do such a wonderful job representing our Lord and The Inspirations’ heritage, and they are eager to get out and sing. It truly is such an honor to have The Harper Agency represent The Inspirations and help us have the opportunity to share the Gospel,” Watkins states.
Joining The Harper Agency is simply a rekindling of a long-time friendship according to Watkins. “I first met Herman, Ed and Jeff Harper’s dad, years ago when he was singing bass with The Oak Ridge Boys,” Watkins shares. “In fact, The Oak Ridge Boys were my favorite group. I was a big fan. Then when I got to meet Herman and got to know him we became good friends, so I guess I have known Ed and Jeff practically all their lives. They are men of integrity. They have one of the most respected agencies in the business, and we are really thankful to have their agency represent The Inspirations.”
Just as The Inspirations are delighted to be represented by The Harper Agency, the Agency is honored to represent The Inspirations. “We are excited about our new relationship with The Inspirations,” Ed Harper states. “The group possesses such a rich history and people absolutely love them.”
“Our family has known Archie Watkins for as long as I can remember,” Jeff Harper adds. “We have tremendous respect for him, and we are honored to have the opportunity to work with him and The Inspirations.”
The Harper Agency may be reached by calling 615-851-4500, via email at info@harperagency.com or visiting www.harperagency.com.


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