Hey Pastor Josh Franks, What is The Message?


We are all about to be handed something very special , a “brand, spanking-new” New Year. What we do with it is really up to us.

Many churches are preparing for their New Years services. We asked a few pastors what they believe the message for 2019 is. 

Here is what Josh Franks, Pastor of People’s Tabernacle Church in Savannah, Tennessee had to say.

‘Go Forth, in Jesus Name!’ Our mission should evermore be to go forth and reach this world for Christ. Here at People’s Tabernacle in Savannah, Tn each Sunday at 10:30am and 6:00pm and on Tuesday’s at 7:00pm, we are preparing for our greatest year  in our church’s  history as we are preaching Christ and Him crucified. The only message that will change lives. As we allow the message to change our lives, we are taking what we are learning and going forth to share with others of JESUS in 2019!