Hoskins Family Reach Agreement With Daywind Records

hoskinsPauline Patterson of Patterson Music Group announces that Patterson Promotions artist The Hoskins Family of  Waynesville OH. has reached an agreement with Daywind Records for their upcoming “Greatest Hits” project that will include three new songs.

The Hoskins Family have been singing the gospel for 25 years and have had many Singing News charting songs including their # 1 single “Safe Thus Far”.Their last single on Patterson Promotions  “You Keep Loving Me” peaked at # 21 in the nation and just having released a new single on P.P. Vol.10 entitled “City Limits” which is getting rave reviews at stations everywhere.

Angie Hoskins Aldridge states, “We love Daywind and are excited to be going back home!”


The Hoskins Family consists of Angie Hoskins Aldridge , Ricky Hoskins, Reva Hoskins, Abby Aldridge and Rick Smith.


You may contact The Hoskins Family at hoskinsworld@gmail.com or (513) 850-4687 and their web site www.hoskinsworld.com.