Isaiah’s Cry Signs with Patterson Promotions

[EHA-Nashville, TN} Eric Baker of the popular group, Isaiah’s Cry, announces their radio promotional agreement with Patterson Promotions of Lily, KY. The group has realized much success with songs; such as, the Top 20, “I’m Waiting For My Ride,” and the Top 80, ” When I Start My Day with You,” Co-writer, Charlotte Baker, continues to work on songs that have helped the group realize their mission to reach listeners of all walks of life and take their versatile style into venues all around the country. They are noted for a unique program that includes a harmonious mixture of Southern Gospel, Bluegrass, and Praise & Worship. Promoter, Pauline Patterson, notes, “I am honored this gifted group has included me as a part of their team. We are excited about their new single, “Down On My Knees”, being on our January 2012 compilation disc.” Eric Baker of the group notes, ” Pauline is a long time friend of Isaiah’s Cry, and we are proud to be associated with Patterson Promotions and have them be a part of the Isaiah’s Cry family.” Other members include Ernie Ferguson – vocals/bass guitar, Brenda Ferguson – piano, Austin Baker – lead/acoustic guitar, and Abbi Baker learning to play drums.
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