Nashville, TN – Jim Sheldon celebrates over 5,300 views for his new hit video “Extreme Makeover” this week. The video was released to the public through YouTube on June 28. Sheldon also was busy this week as a performer and sponsor of the 13th Annual Absolutely Gospel Music Fest. Other performers included Gold City and Karen Peck.

Watch the High Definition Video Here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7C37x2l8j0.

“Jim played a very big roll this week in the AGM Fest in Smyrna. The crowd loved him as he sang ‘I Belong to Jesus’ and ‘Extreme Makeover’ and many others. It was wonderful looking around and seeing people in the audience singing along with Jim.” Said Bev McCann director of Artist Relations with Homeland Inspiration Group. “It’s exciting to see how God is blessing Jim for his faithfulness. He has a heart to serve God and he does it with all of his might. Jim is a delight to work with and I’m honored to do so.”

Other exciting news for Jim coming up is the announcement of his Homecoming Concert at the Lexington Avenue Baptist Church in Danville, KY on November 1.

Jim Sheldon is a positive country singer from Danville, KY. His newest single “Extreme Makeover” is now available on iTunes and was sent to radio earlier this mont. Find out more about Jim by visiting his website: www.puttinggodfirstministry.com.

Find out more about Homeland Inspiration Group: www.homelandinspirationgroup.com.