Jim Sheldon To Appear At The Great Passion Play

Danville, KY (June 17, 2013) The Positive Cowboy, Jim Sheldon recently sang at Union Valley Baptist Church in Adajimsheldon (1), OK. The Pastor, Rev. Randall Christy indicated that he owned the attraction “The Great Passion Play” in Eureka Springs, AR and The Gospel Station Network.

Jim recounted “As we talked a while after the wonderful service, Pastor Christy asked me if I would like to open with a mini-concert, 'The Great Passion Play'. I thought about five seconds and said 'Yes'. What an opportunity this is for my ministry.”  Jim will be performing at “The Great Passion Play” on Thursday, June 27.  The crowd is expected to be well
over 600 in attendance.  

In Eureka Springs, Arkansas, The Great Passion Play is performed every year from May through October. Since its first performance in 1968, The Great Passion Play has been seen by over 7 million people, which makes it the largest-attended outdoor drama in America.

On the grounds of The Great Passion Play you can see the Christ of the Ozarks statue (the largest Christ statue in North America), this makes the entire area a great tourist attraction.

You can learn more about Jim Sheldon, the Positive Cowboy, at http://www.jimsheldonmusic.com or 
https://www.facebook.com/jim.sheldon . You can reach him through E-mail at Contact@JimSheldon.com . 
Go to: www.greatpassionplay.org to learn more about the life changing play.