Jimmy and Liz McMillan in need of prayer

Ashli, daughter of Jimmy McMillan
Ashli, daughter of Jimmy McMillan

Last week, we told you about Jimmy McMillan’s daughter Ashli nearing the end of her fight with cancer.

Yesterday, Jimmy wrote: “At 5:45 on Sunday October 16th I sat in a quiet, dimly lit room holding my daughter Ashli’s hand and stroking her face when she took her last breath. In that moment I watched the pained look that had gripped her face for the last few weeks be wiped away by one of total peace. I knew that my baby who had been so wracked with pain, from the ravages of cancer had received her ultimate healing and was looking on the face of Jesus.

I’ve walked a lot of hard roads and experienced a lot of pain in my life, but let me tell you nothing I’ve ever faced compares to this. I catch myself just trying to breath when I think about the reality of the situation, and begging to wake up from a terrible dream. Even through all of this I know God has a perfect plan, today I would sure like a peek at its entirety so this could make a little sense. For now I will stand in faith knowing all things work together for good to those who love the Lord.

Jimmy McMillan
McMillan and Life: Jimmy and Liz McMillan

Many of you have sent message of love and encouragement and I can’t tell you how much they mean. Just knowing that people are thinking of and praying for us is an huge comfort. If I don’t get the chance to answer each of you please take this as my thank you.

Please keep my son in law and grandson in your prayers as well. No one thinks they will be a widower single father at 35 but he is. Pray that God will give him the wisdom to make good decisions for his life and his son’s.

There was some confusion on the funeral schedule but these are the correct dates and times.

Spurlin Funeral Home
1782 Lexington rd
Lancaster, KY 40444

Monday October 17
5-8pm public

Tuesday October 18
10-1 visitation
1pm Funeral

Wilmore Cemetery
Wilmore, KY

You can leave messages of condolence on Jimmy’s Facebook page here.

SGNScoops extends their heartfelt sympathy and prayers to Jimmy, Liz and their whole family.