John Mathis Releases New Book For Songwriters

John Mathis Releases New Book For Songwriters
John Mathis Releases New Book For Songwriters

Spring Hill, TN – ‘The Songwriter’s Guide To Taking The Next Steps’ was recently released by Avid Group Publishing. The book was written by songwriter, music publisher and industry professional John Mathis. ‘The Songwriter’s Guide To Taking The Next Steps’ is geared toward aspiring songwriters who want to learn more about placing songs or the songwriter who is looking for current perspectives toward song placement.

Mathis shares insight and experiences in his new book that he has acquired through 30 years of songwriting and over 20 years of working in the music industry. He comments on the events that inspired this book, “I was invited to attend a GMA Immerse conference in 2013 as one of several industry representatives. We spent time with over 200 songwriters at a luncheon answering their questions about songwriting. The same question always comes up with songwriters, they want to know what to do with the songs they’ve written. The most common question is how to get started. This event planted to seed to write this book. I’ve spent decades as both a songwriter and working within the music industry. During those years I’ve noticed that most songwriters tend to believe ‘It’s all about the song’. However on the other side of the fence, most non-songwriters in the industry are conditioned mentally toward ‘It’s all about the brand’. That’s one step I want to help them make in understanding the journey as a songwriter, I wanted to help songwriters bridge that gap. Songwriting pursuits today involve doing something with you as it does with writing great songs.”
Chapters in the book cover the topics of building a brand, the reality of a songwriting career, when to demo your songs, thinking out of the box on placing songs and many common songwriter questions in regard to copyrights, music publishing and how to network and build relationships. The last chapter also includes contract templates necessary in regard to song placements.
‘The Songwriter’s Guide To Taking The Next Steps’ is available in paperback through Amazon and will be available July 14th, 2017 in digital formats. Fore more information visit
The Songwriter’s Guide To Taking The Next Steps
Chapter listing:
1 The Reality Of A Songwriting Career
2 The Purpose Of This Book
3 Assessing Where You Are
4 Co-writing Is More Than Just Co-writing
5 To Demo Or Not To Demo
6 Before They Press Play
7 Network And Build Relationships
8 Avoid The Turn-Offs
9 It’s A Numbers Game
10 Performance Rights Organizations
11 Do I Need A Publisher?
12 Do I Need To Copyright My Songs?
13 Song Outlets – Get Out Of The Box!
14 Build Your Online Presence
15 The Little Things
16 Templates
John Mathis began pursuing songwriting over 30 years ago. His father was a successful singer and BMI Award winning songwriter who had 10 Country Music Hall of Fame inductees cover his music. As a music publisher and songwriter John has recently garnered cuts by GRAMMY Winner Brad Davis, GRAMMY winner & GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement award recipient Charley Pride.
Mathis has also spent two decades working in the music industry, including several years of managing an independent record label where he has worked with artists in Southern Gospel, Country and Bluegrass genres. He is a monthly contributor to The Singing News magazine, the country’s largest Christian Music publication and continues to write songs and manage his own music publishing catalog, Avid Group Publishing/BMI.