Keep praying for Randall Hamm

Vonda Armstrong and Randall Hamm

Randall Hamm, a friend to all who enjoy Gospel Music and a contributor to SGNScoops Magazine, fell ill during last week’s NQC, causing him to return home early. He was admitted to the hospital soon after.

Earlier today, the following was posted on his Facebook page:

Randall Hamm

An update from the family of Randall Hamm (WFLQ Q-100 FM French Lick):
“Doctors have determined that Randall has suffered a heart attack and will need a quadruple bypass. They were unable to resolve the blockages by placing stents, so he will undergo open heart surgery sometime in the near future, pending the results of other medical testing. Randall’s mother asked that we extend her deepest appreciation for the many prayer warriors in this amazing Southern Gospel family. Randall is reading the comments when he is awake, and he appreciates the love, support and prayers of each and every one of you!”

Please continue praying for this treasured friend of so many.