Kelly Nelon Clark sharing her heart ❤️

Kelly Nelon
Kelly Nelon

Kelly Nelon Clark sharing her heart…..

I spoke to a friend a few days ago, she was asking me to pray for her. She has gone through some tough times and was feeling pretty hopeless, wanting to just give up on life. She was prepared to end it all. With God’s help I was able to open her eyes to life and let her know she was important to Him. I tried to put into words how she felt so it might be an encouragement to others who may be feeling the very same way.

There are days when I have no words for how I’m feeling. I would love to say I’m always up and positive, it wouldn’t be true.

Some days the sun shines and the skies are blue and everything with the world is right. Days when I feel like it could not get any better than it is right now. Days when the birds are singing a brand new song just for me. God is everywhere and in everything I see. I can almost smell the beautiful fragrance of His love. His arms surround me and make me feel like I can take on the world. I feel safe and secure knowing He’s here.

Then there are days when the darkness closes in and there is nothing to be seen anywhere. This orphan feels alone, hopeless,and defeated. The tunnel with the light at the end has turned into a black hole with no way out. I call you but you don’t answer. I cry but you don’t see my tears. I wonder what have I done to make you not love me? Where have you gone? I stumble in the darkness to find my way. I fall and keep trying to pick myself up, but how many times can I do that without total collapse?

Just at the breaking point, just when I’m going to give up, there is a break in the cloud of darkness. A ray of hope shining through into my eyes. It’s what I needed to see, it’s what I needed to know. You are still there! You never really left. It was me who closed my eyes to the light. I let the darkness overtake me. I should have known, I should have remembered that the evil one comes to steal, kill and destroy. Thank you for not giving up on me when I gave up on myself. Thank you for loving me when no one else loved. Thank you for whispering my name and letting me know I’m not an orphan and I’m not alone. Lord, I am your child, keep me near to you.

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