Kings Harmony Quartet Signs With Pathlight Promotions & Media Group

Poca, WV (Feb 3, 2011) – Kings Harmony Quartet of Charleston, WV have recently signed with Pathlight Promotions & Media Group for future compilation releases & radio promotions. “Kings Harmony is a unique and equal blend of superb vocals, combined with heartfelt ministry. We are definitely excited about introducing them to radio &  we look forward to being a part of the great things to come from this group.” says Martha Drake, owner of Pathlight Promotions & Media Group.
Ever since the formation of Kings Harmony Quartet in 1998, the group has been traveling & spreading the message of God’s word through song. Kings Harmony Quartet is based out of Charleston, WV & consists of four men dedicated to God — Keith Skiles – Tenor, Scott Mullins – Lead, Chad Skiles – Baritone & Henry Riffe – Bass. Their goal is to fulfill what God has called them to do…to reach lost souls for Christ & uplift those in need.
For more information regarding Kings Harmony Quartet visit their web site: