New Prophets Quartet Sign With Pathlight Promotions & Media Group

Poca, WV (Feb 2, 2011) The New Prophets Quartet of Nitro, WV have recently signed with Pathlight Promotions & Media Group for their compilation releases & radio promotions. Their new single, “Dip My Feet”, will be released on the upcoming Pathlight Promotions Compilation CD for Radio Vol 2011-02 sometime in mid-February. “We are excited about the signing of The New Prophets. They are a great group with a heart for ministry & we look forward to the response they will receive from radio.” says Martha Drake, owner of Pathlight Promotions & Media Group.
The New Prophets were originally formed in 1998 as The Prophets Quartet after obtaining the name from original group member The New Prophets & they carried the name for 8 years. Later, when Ed reformed the original Prophets for a short time, the group decided to change their name to the Mountain State Quartet. The group had obtained such a large following as The Prophets Quartet, that they decided to change the name to The New Prophets in 2008. The current group members are Denzil Harper Sr., Mike Baria, Thurman Taylor & Mike Watts.
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