LaBreeska Hemphill Undergoes Brain Surgery

HemphilJudy Nelon Group (Nashville, TN) March 27, 2014 – LaBreeska Hemphill, matriarch of the legendary gospel music family The Hemphills, is recovering well from a recent brain surgery. Several weeks ago, LaBreeska began suffering from frequent headaches. After finding no relief, she decided to see a doctor. Upon a seemingly routine checkup, the doctors discovered a large mass pushing against LaBreeska’s brain, and she was rushed immediately to Vanderbilt Hospital to see a specialist. The diagnosis of a brain mass was confirmed, and surgery was scheduled. On March 14, what was supposed to be a three to five hour intense surgery, successfully ended in just an hour and a half. The doctor stated, “We have a sea of good news, and a best-case scenario.” The biopsy of the mass returned benign, and LaBreeska is now home and recovering very well.