Long-time agent for Larnelle Harris, Noran Spurr, passes away

For Immediate Release (Nashville, TN) –The long-time booking agent for Hall of Fame singer Larnelle Harris, Noran Spurr, passed away on Friday, August 12.  Born in the rural mountains of West Virginia on September 12, 1937, Noran later played an integral “behind the scenes” role in the touring group, The Spurrlows, as well as many other nationally-acclaimed groups and artists. But when the Spurrlows hired a drummer named Larnelle Harris and heard him sing a solo, Noran’s role took on a whole new dimension.  She embarked upon the difficult task of booking an unknown solo artist into churches across the U.S., Canada and overseas.  

Noran’s intense belief in Larnelle’s talent and ministry helped propel him into one of the world’s most renowned singers in gospel music. During their over three decades of teamwork, Larnelle has been inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame and the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame, presented with five Grammys, 11 Dove Awards, a Stellar Award, the Silver Bell Award for Distinguished Public Service, and many other accolades.  From the White House to the 38th Parallel in Korea, Larnelle has performed in numerous countries around the world and was the first gospel artist to perform in the Kremlin after the fall of the Soviet Union. 

As one of the founders of the Splendor Agency, Noran’s formidable booking expertise was sought after by many well-known artists around the country, and she shared her experience in concert scheduling as a speaker for musical symposiums and conferences held throughout the U.S. An avid sports fan, veracious reader and a self proclaimed “southern yankee,” Noran was a tiny bundle of wit, charm and fierce loyalty to her artist and loved ones. She exuded both a compassionate spirit and resolute determination to make every Larnelle concert fruitful for both the artist and the host. Her personal philosophy was simple: “I believe the essential ingredients for a great life are a strong faith, close family and good friends, and a great sense of humor.” Noran Lucas Spurr is survived by one daughter, Vicki L. Spurr of Longwood, Florida.