Jeff & Sheri Easter
Jeff & Sheri Easter

After thirteen years of traveling and performing with his parents, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Madison Easter and his wife of four years, Shannon have decided to pursue their dreams of writing and performing their own music.

“I’ve said for many years that I feel so blessed to have my children travel with me, it’s almost like a mother hen who keeps her baby chicks  close.  But I’m a wise enough woman to know that God has blessed them with so much talent, that He may choose to use them in other ways just like He did for Jeff and me.” Sheri says.

“Shannon and I are so excited to see where God will lead us.”  Madison explains.  “The two of us have been writing and singing together for almost three years now.There’s always been an open line of communication with Mom and Dad that a day would probably come where we wanted to pursue our own careers. We plan to be doing a lot of writing in Nashville and also performing our own music.”

“Mom and Dad know our situation firsthand, because they were in a very similar spot when they came off of the road with The Lewis Family” says Madison.  I can’t express enough how incredibly supportive and uplifting they’ve been in this transition. They are the targets for which I aim in my growing as an adult. I’ve heard it all my life, ‘They are the real deal.’ I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

Jeff and Sheri both come from bluegrass gospel music roots rich in family heritage.  Madison and his siblings are 4th generation musicians and continue to write and perform music just like the generations before them.

“These past 13 years have been an incredible learning experience. I’ve been blessed enough to do things most people only dream to do, and it’s all because my parents chose to give a 13 year old the opportunity to prove himself as a musician”, Madison says.  “I owe everything to them. They’re the best.”

Jeff and Sheri are celebrating their 30th year in music and marriage this year and with a full calendar, have no plans to slow down.  “God always orchestrates our lives for each new chapter and Madison’s heart is leading him to do more of his own music.  In September, God blessed us with another incredible musician, Brad Hudson, who was hired to play drums but, also plays dobro, guitar, mandolin and banjo.” Jeff explains.  “God has blessed us for 30 years and we’re excited to see now what His plans are for our children.”

As in all the changes life brings, Jeff and Sheri have found their faith in God and humor to get them through. Sheri shares, “When Madison told us, we all cried, but we also have a complete peace about his decision.  He went the extra mile to explain to his youngest sister, Maura, that although he wouldn’t be traveling every weekend, he would still live next door and be a huge part of everything we do.  Maura then dried her tears and asked, ‘Mama, can I have Bubba’s bunk?’  Real life, real siblings, and real heart…I couldn’t ask for more!”