Major Changes For Popular Southern Gospel Trio, 2nd Generation

Major Changes For Popular Southern Gospel Trio, 2nd Generation
Major Changes For Popular Southern Gospel Trio, 2nd Generation

Oak Grove, AR (January 21, 2016) With every New Year comes a new chapter, new beginnings, and new harvest.  2nd Generation will be experiencing all of these in the coming months. Brenda Denney, one of 2nd Generation’s founding members, has announced she is getting married and will be departing the award-winning, popular Gospel trio. The ministry of 2nd Generation will continue to move forward as Brenda plans to minister alongside her new husband, Johnathan Bond of “Young Harmony,” after their June 2016 wedding.

“When you pray for God’s will, you may never know exactly what that will be,” Brenda explains. God has a plan and I want to be in it! The past 11 years of my life have been so rewarding. I’ve been able to see countless souls saved, and lives changed, all because of being faithful to the call. I will continue to do what God created me to do, as I minister with my husband.”

Brenda will be leaving with the blessing of her sister, and other founding member, Elaine Robinson and also group member, Randy Barnes, but the transition is best described as bitter-sweet. “To say I have not shed tears would be a lie,” Denney says. “My heart is torn because of leaving my sister’s side. We are not only sisters and partners in ministry, we are best friends. We have been together 24/7 for the past 8 years. It will be an adjustment, but I know God has directed my steps and I must follow.”

Elaine continues, “God has blessed this ministry and we have seen some mighty moves of God in our services. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I will miss stepping on the stage to minister with my sister, but I do not feel that God has released me to retire this ministry. God knows what’s ahead and I believe He has just the right person we need.”

Randy Barnes adds, “I will miss Brenda a lot, but I am sincerely happy for her. We are anticipating the great things God has in store for 2nd Generation and for Brenda and Johnathan.”

Over the past 11 years 2nd Generation has been through many changes. “With every change God has always taken 2nd Generation to a new level,” Denney says.  “I can’t wait to see what He has planned for these changes, as well.  What I love most about 2nd Generation is that the ministry is and has always been about ‘HIM.’ I will be watching from the sidelines and cheering on my sissy and Randy Barnes as they do what God created them to do.”

There are many dates already scheduled for 2nd Generation in 2016 and they are in the process of scheduling more. Applications and demos are also now being accepted for the available position. For more information, email or call Elaine Robinson at 816-714-9926.  Brenda’s final concert date with 2nd Generation will be announced soon. For more information about 2nd Generation, visit